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mediumship - synchronicity, metaphysics, high frequency energy, ascension and 5th Dimension Starseeds.

Starseeds and lightworkers all around the world are been called to help with their light to accelerate The Event.

It is recommended to use it as a meditation tool to focus our intention towards achieving this goal.

Combining it with Light Mandalas also greatly enhances its function. It’s a binary key code to align with the power of the Galactic Central Sun. It also expresses a “Zero Point Function” wherein 001 and 110 are mirrored inverse resulting in the central “zero” alignment with the Source centre.

For entering in the meditation chain of light for this purpose is recommended that you create the contract cancellation with the dark forces, after that we are meditating daily time 3h20pm European…

Many don’t know it but the Earth and all it’s inhabitants are experiencing a consciousness shift into a whole new reality. We are transitioning into the 5th dimensional reality which kicked into high gear the year of 2012. Since then it has sped up increasingly and is incredibly obvious to many.

The 5th dimension is kind of like a fairy-tale…humanity will live in harmony, peace, respecting all people and Earth and living in oneness with everything around them. No more hunger, poverty or crime. Everyone living without fear and living with acceptance of our Galactic Nations. It sounds incredibly hard…

To reach and calibrate our vibration, we need to master the 3rd and 4th dimensions and all that they mean, it means, we have to control and train the six basic requirements, which are:

1. Love

2. Forgiveness

3. Control (discipline, persistence, faith and constant self-vigilance).

4. Non-judgment

5. Fear (doubt, guilt, insecurity).

6. Thought (cultivate only positive thoughts).

Strengthening self-esteem, releasing and dismantling of limited beliefs.

Processes associated with low vibrations and consciences are usually linked to those who practice judgment, who live in a sense of separation and superiority.

System of chakras and energies of cleansing and healing disconnected.

Learning to use empathy, observing the situation from another perspective but not interacting with your energy and vibrational frequency, thus avoiding to participate with your energy having your vibration unconsciously affected.

Systems of connection meditation unification of the…

Gaia integrated.

• Find your soul brothers and connect to them to help each other it works so powerfully.

• We are all moving to the different level of consciousness and when we integrated to higher levels we received assistance from our masters and spiritual guides, it reflects our inner truth.

• Quantum energy and synchronization are definitely connected.

• You can call upon Spiritual guides/angels archangels / Galactic Federation of light to help us, transmutating negative energy, I used to call upon arcturians very lovely and light beings, I learned by guide meditation how to contact them, they can help you to clean channels patterns healing your body. It’s powerful when you get, consciously, that you can call upon them, you automatically accept their reality to come to you as your consciousness will allow too.

• Spiritual guides/angels archangels / Galactic Federation of light.
Ascension masters are assisting and are allowed to help the earth planetary transition and consciousness shift of the mankind.

• Earth is a free will planet, they only will help you when you call upon them. You are totally free to choose between 3rd Dimension and 5th Dimension realms.

• By only the fact you doubt you locked this possibility — lowered level of your consciousness, decreasing the realities that you can accept.

• You have to release your limited beliefs systems.

•We are now facing our duality and our evil soul/side, we can increase or decrease our KARMA depending of your actions and attitudes in this reality.

• All the souls in earth are in different levels of consciousness, some are awake others are not, we don’t judge and respect they will need to live their life experiences to progress and allow themselves to awaken we can’t pull through this process in them.

• All changes that may happen in your reality are related to release old energy and old creation of patterns, opening possibilities to create a new reality. Learn how to proceed and accept. Your higher-self is your guide.

Gaia in ascension
Andre Fau.

The further the Light Forces advance, the more the Dark Ones fall into panic mode, with a corresponding effect on their actions within the Earth quarantine.

On non-physical levels, the last month was marked by fierce Archon/Chimera attacks on surface based Starseeds, which were so strong that they could manifest themselves physically in the form of accidents, diseases, technical defects, everything to make the work of Lightworkers as difficult as possible during this important time.

In the course of the COVID crisis (and from a physical point of view), they want to seal off the planet militarily and put it under total surveillance. …

É compreensível que vocês estejam preocupados e até temerosos com a situação atual, pois hoje tudo o que acontece numa parte do Planeta, imediatamente percorre todas as direções. Lembrem-se que tudo está na parte e a parte está no todo.

A tecnologia não foi "inventada" pelos humanos. Ela foi "inspirada" aos humanos pelos Seres Benevolentes que sempre estiveram amparando os humanos nesta longa caminhada submetidos ao véu do esquecimento. Tudo seguiu sempre um protocolo do Alto, a fim de completar o aprendizado na dualidade, por parte dos Espíritos que aqui aportaram na qualidade de encarnados.

Havia um prazo determinado…

Linear time doesn´t exist, but memories are always there to acess, dreaming into a time space and continuos love life experiences.
Flexibility count as a life guard, will be you aware of your non-perfection even if you won´t be perfect?
Drowning energies reached my soul, what you´ve learned till now?
What count as rewards? there´s no rewards? when you are driving your reality by possibilities.
My thoughts didn´t let me bring my present reality, but it´s here.

You spend your life time learning how to be a better version of yourself.

Blurred Memories,

A consciência existe em um estado de neutralidade natural. Tudo que existe dentro da consciência — como uma experiência de realidade — pode ser tanto usado positiva quanto negativamente, ou seja, pode servir como dupla função. Algo que pode servir como dupla função é neutro, pois não tem nenhum significado embutido.

Quando damos um significado positivo para uma situação — circunstância, seja física ou não-física — nós vamos apenas experienciar um resultado positivo dessa situação, da mesma forma que quando damos um significado negativo, vamos apenas experienciar uma função negativa dessa situação. …


Irmãos em Cristo,
Nos vos saudamos em Paz, amor e Luz!

Temos a revelar e trazer as informações sobre orientações e posturas para este 23 de setembro de 2017.

Evento impar de se sentir honrado de estar na carne neste alinhamento divino, marca uma nova fase com mudanças visíveis em vossas vidas.

Na pessoal, social, financeira, global e multidimensional, onde muitos seres de varias dimensões deixarão este plano, seres que promoviam atrasos, agora por comum acordo partirão.

Suas vidas, notadamente, mudará para novos focos de conhecimento, desenvolvimento e cura.

Onde outrora estagiavam na luta pelo primordial…

I had a ‘’dream’’ where I switched out of borders from space time and our present reality, I was traveling with an another galactic family, they called themselves as a Galactic Federation of Light, part of the same genetic like us but in a higher spiritual level evolved, they live in different planets hosted by high-frequency energies and for a long time were helping the planet Earth Ascension and shifting consciousness to evolution until now, also they told me the Planet Earth is the most important planet in the entire solar system cause here there’s endless ways to create new…

Andre Fau

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